Saturday, June 25

Guess what?

 Little Bit is here!

 London Patrick was born yesterday morning at 3:03!

Just wanted to share his face with you before we leave the hospital to greet the real world where meals aren't delivered to my bedroom and all my laundry is magically clean...

Tuesday, June 21

My best friend

My best friend and I have had a lot of adventures this last week. His birthday, a trip to the zoo, father's day, waiting for little bit to come, a petting zoo with Jack today. All of these deserve a post loaded with pictures. None of them will get it tonight. Buenas Noches.

Monday, June 20

If you're cute and you know it

Then your name might have been Jack Brennan at Sound of Music in the Theater in the Park last night. He was a doll. So snuggly and charming.

I planted the potatoes...

I grew the potatoes. And now I ate the potatoes.
 Potatoes, onions, and pineapple sage freshly uprooted

It makes me hungry just to remember how good this tasted. I think being a self-sustained farmer would make me feel very smug, and give me a good appetite all the time!

Saturday, June 11

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Finishing the video project before Little Bit comes - mission accomplished. Jon colored in the rest of his bar graphs for script writing and videos production last night. We studied 117 topics for Western Civ 2 study videos. I have to say I actually understand history a lot better now on a world level. It was interesting, the people seemed alive, politics and treaties seemed almost to make sense. Jon claims his spelling is improving. I think his Russian pronunciation was better than his French. Sometimes we wish students could have gone through it with us as we hashed out interesting stories and hilarious trends in philosophies, we are pretty sure the humor would have made it memorable if not effective for passing the test. :) I will miss having a random theory, event, person, or era to research. I don't think Jon will miss having a dozen videos glaring at him each day to produce and polish...but the satisfaction from doing the project was well enjoyed by both of us!

Friday, June 10

A few of my favorite things...

I love daisies. I love these African Ice Daisies in my front garden. (I love my whole front garden...)
I love being married.
To him. 
 I love invasive plants that make my garden full. This is purple bush basil.
 I love my nephew who likes me too. I love babies. I love the baby bump that my nephew can sit and stand on.
 I love do it yourself growing that ends up costing more, giving me heartache when big storms threaten them, tempts birds to eat of them, and gives a produce small enough you simply have to eat them fresh off the tree.

 I love the curiosity that led this cherry to my nephew's mouth.
 I love my sister who comes to stay the night with her whole family just in case I want to go to the hospital and leave Jack sleeping. Who cleans my bathrooms when I slip out of the house to run an errand. Who picks on Jon just because she can. Who knows me inside and out and isn't going to stop loving me, ever. 'Nough said.
My small son who stares at things. He may be fascinated, scared, enthralled, surprised, humored, or tired. All the faces look pretty similar. This one is deep concentration and interest over the large machine Jon is operating while Jack is perched up there.

Wednesday, June 8

Time is ticking

Well, my house is clean, my closets are sorted, my laundry is done, my freezer is stocked. I am having regular crying fits over nothing, our video project is almost done, and the pool is almost up. All this to say, Little Bit is coming any day now. Be sure to get your weight guesses in before he does! You really don't want to miss this CLEP guide. It will change your life. I mean, I got mine and it basically introduced me to my husband, that is to say I met the book and him on the same weekend. See what I mean?

Jack is loving spending time with his cousin Emma this week. He follows her everywhere, and snuggles on her shoulder even when he isn't tired. Pretty sweet!

Saturday, June 4


Introducing our first ever contest. The winner will receive a 2006 CLEP official study guide book. Believe me, you will wonder how you have lived this long without one (or two or three depending on who you are.)

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment guessing the birth weight of Little Bit. I'll just leave it at my feeling that he is going to be a sturdy newborn.
(This contest has nothing to do with my readiness to meet the babe. Nor does it have anything to do with the pile of books on my sewing table that I am trying to find homes for. It is just in the spirit of a good old fashion contest...yeah...)

((and for those of you who think it helps to know, Jack was 8 lb 3 oz at birth.))

Garage sales...

We found this sandbox and toys at a garage sale this morning. Grandma bought it for Jack. Jack loves it. I must say that garage sales hold some of the greatest bargain treasures. Garage sales and Craigslist. We also found a jogging stroller for a crazy good price, Jon is looking forward to roller blading with Jack in it. We stopped shopping when we could barely fit our shopping crew in the car anymore. We had already kicked Jon and Jack out about 2 hours before, Emma and I could still see out the front windows, but my mom in the back said she didn't have any oxygen because of a large item on her lap blocking all the air. I should have thought to roll the windows down I guess.
Temperatures are soaring here, I am melting. Jon and Dad are out digging a level circle in the yard so we can put the pool up. We might melt and flow into it like a big puddle by the time we get to the part where we add water. Bring it on!

Thursday, June 2

Little Sprouts

 My friend Abby organizes a great time of the moms of young kids in our church at least once a month. We have a pretty good crowd of short people if we can all make it. I just counted, and if they all stood still in my head then I think about 14 kids could show up at any given gathering. These pictures capture some of them that came today.

 There's K-bub
 Ryan and Toby

 Teddy Bear Boy

 Abby our leading mom.
 Emily and Bear
 And her little sister who she told me is "really quite nice"
and Jack.

Many names have been changed for my amusement. The parents don't have such weird name ideas.