Tuesday, June 22


Just grabbing a quick minute to put a bookmark in the blog. Saturday I had a photo shoot covering a ballet dance recital. I have lots of weeding out and editing to cover between now and receiving orders on Wednesday for printing, so I am just taking a quick break from that to rest my brain! Father's Day was a beautiful day here, I'll post some parts of that later too. This picture shows off one of Jack's favorite tricks - turning his tongue over. Something I have always tried to figure out and still can't do. Sigh. :)

Thursday, June 17

They both wear sweaters and shorts...

Jack and Jon get dressed and meet in the kitchen...only to discover they are both wearing brown shorts, green shirts, and sweaters. It must be genetic.
Reading the paper together. Jack already had his lunch.

Sunday, June 13

closer up

 I was looking at this blog the other day and realized 
that I had posted a lot of pictures of activity lately, but Jack is small enough to get swallowed up in pictures that have adults in them too! So, here are just a couple to show changing details for you.

Wednesday, June 9


Ergonomic Head?

Jon raised a crying Jack to ride on his shoulders yesterday. He was just taking him to the nursery for a diaper change, but Jack molded around Jon's head like an ergonomic chair. Two fistfuls and a mouthful of hair later, Jack reluctantly came down. Jon thought we were going to have to cut his hair off to remove him.

Tuesday, June 8

Memorial Day

Celebration at the Station! This year we discovered a free memorial day concert sponsored by the Kansas City Symphony. The concert was outdoor. We perched on the hill by the WWII museum. The last number featured fireworks over the memorial that matched the music. It was breathtaking. A good event to make a tradition.

Tuesday, June 1

And then I cried.

I don't know exactly what to say in this post because as I think back on the wonderful surprise visit from Jon's family, I think of the speechless shock that we had two weeks ago. We walked into church about 10 minutes late, quietly slipped up a side aisle, only to have the surprise of our lives! Jon's family was all sitting in our row after driving through the night to get to Kansas. They were able to see his baby dedication, and to stay for about 4 days. Such joy to finally share him with them!

We match!
We went swimming at their hotel pool. Jack seemed to really like it, but it was also almost as warm as his bath water usually is :)

Stephen never did change a diaper...guess he is still gathering courage.
4 generations of Taylors
Great Grandma kept threatening to take him home with her. I wish I knew what all she told him while they talked! She kept telling him stories, and things he could look forward to doing, and how to get away with all sorts of orneriness!
Grandma and Jack enjoyed many walks and talks together. He got to put a face to the voice that sings to him on the phone.

Giving Jack back to God

Last Sunday we had a chance to dedicate raising Jack to bring glory to God.
Just like Hannah in 1st Samuel, we are thankful for the son that God has given to us and we want to raise him to be a man of God.

Jack celebrated by making (joyful) noise the entire time we were on the stage.
Maybe he'll be something good and noisy when he grows up :)

On the way!

Wow, so much has happened in the last two weeks that I am still just sitting here marveling. I will try to catch posts up as fast as I can churn them out :) Here is a picture to hold down the fort for now!