Sunday, May 30

Miles, memories, and marriage

We knew there was no reason to wait. This child was born into a family that travels. Long travels. In the car. Travels that get longer if I get to have any hand in the planning...detours that make the trip all the more worth it are around every corner!
We set off at 4 in the morning with some small trepidation. What if the newest traveling Taylor was a restless rider? What if he hollered without cause for the majority of the trip? No one could have prepared me for his 12 hour long naps, his joyful stretching at rest stops, or his cooperative eating whenever we decided it was time.
We made our first small detour to Ft. Knox to see Brad while he was yet in the country. It was so great to reconnect, but far too short of a visit. Still hoping he ends up in Kansas someday! Chris and Liz stopped on their way down too, and we all had some time to hang out before hitting Georgia the next day.

We opted for traveling without sleeping quarters for Jack, assuming that he would fit in dresser drawers, couches, or arm chairs. He slept in this chair all night with his head in one corner and his feet hanging toward the other edge. In the morning when he napped on his tummy he pulled up his feet and manage to fit across. I love this position :)
Robyn faithfully beat me by one set every round we played.
This is the mansion that Jared and Gayla's wedding was at. Jon headed up making balloon animals during the reception.

Jack caught a Tricia, but she got away and flopped back across the ocean to Taiwan. He is still searching for curls as easy to grab as hers. None compare thus far.
Saturday we got to see the rest of the Winsted family. So happy to catch up after almost 2 years!
Jack and Camden. Briefly meeting on Sunday night/Monday morning while we stayed with my cousin (Camden's mom). Jack was rather worn thin by this point (I may have been too, but I'm not admitting it yet.) and wasn't the best of company. Camden had just gotten home too from a trip and was pretty hilarious, the closest thing to slap happy I have ever seen a 9 month old!

Wednesday, May 12

First Mother's Day

I like being this little guy's mom. Mother's Day was really special, celebrating our little family together for the first time :)

Saturday, May 8

In my quiet place

As lovely as being held and talked to is, Jack gets pretty tired of constant attention sometimes. His favorite quiet place is laying on his changing table alone without anyone talking to him. He can lay there for half an hour or more without fussing, just looking around and kicking. He laid on the floor last night for almost 35 minutes just staring at the side of his play cube. I appreciate the fact that he needs quiet alone time. It is neat to see even personality traits that remind me of Jon or me. When he gets fussy and leaving him alone is the thing he wants, it just reminds me that he is most definitely my very own son. I'm just glad he doesn't want to be alone for longer than that :)

Meet the family...

At Jack's one month checkup he had grown so much! As of Tuesday he is 11 lb 8 oz and 24.5 inches long!
Jack and I get our together time in.
Jack and Quentin meet. (Quentin's mom is my first cousin) Quentin is exactly 3 weeks younger than Jack.

Jack wants to finish writing this one...
Uncle Daniel enjoys snuggle time after a long day at work.
Dad is pretty sure we understand each other.
Aunt Katrina! Hurray! She is getting really good at changing my diaper and watching me sleep. Her back may never recover from carrying me around.

your people call my people...

Just waiting for it to ring. Call me Grandpa! :)

scrubba dub baby in a sink.

Resigned to the necessary facts.