Monday, July 30

Yes, it really was that funny.

Feel free to thank me for not accurately representing the volume that accompanied these pictures. Between spitting and laughing loudly, it escalated quickly. :)

Monday, July 9


Shortly after my last post my laptop became a desktop. The cord falls apart in three pieces at the connection point, which is unstable at best, which feeds energy through the battery, which has no potential of retaining a charge. Furthermore, if I tilt my screen, I lose all visual of the object that used to be visible on the said screen. It is replaced with a black background and sparkly green lines that flicker across the screen. It is amusing, but you might add it all up to understand why I have not blogged as often. Add that to my first time of sitting on our kids alone for a week while Jon had a business trip, followed by 10 days in Minneapolis partnering with a church to lead our youth group and others through a mission to the city with them, encompassing Jon's birthday, ending on Father's day, and leading into London's first birthday, all coming on the bitter dregs of a typical zonked first trimester with the new little one cooking, and you might get the rest of the hazy picture that I have been trying to pin a blame in. During that time I also decided it would be a great idea to become a Pampered Chef consultant, and backed with Jon's blessing and enthusiasm we embarked on the adventure of cooking shows. As I sit here and write to you all, my dear readers, I am secretly wishing I could discreetly tell you that Jack is officially potty-trained, and proud of himself, London has eight teeth and two more on their way, my in-laws are arriving for a visit tomorrow night, and my parents are leaving early Thursday morning to fly to my sister's side in Taiwan as she welcomes my next neice into the world.  

Moving on.

We expect one of two things to happen. Either life will slow down a bit, or we will eventually get a new laptop. Either way, I plan on tossing a whole boatload of pictures on here very soon. :)

P.S. These two gooses were blasting Christmas music when I took this picture. London isn't in it because he was "sleeping," right. I have "slept" through their music sessions.