Saturday, October 29

Small Group

 Jack and Caroline - the friendly rivals
 Jane the Princess
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Best day of my mom life

 These pictures got all mixed up in the uploading, but behold nearly 45 pictures of my favorite day being a mom. We went to Biblesta in Humboldt and saw an exotic petting zoo, watched a parade full of Bible themed floats, and saw the coolest most impressive marching drum band in the world. Then we went to my cousin Wendy's house that she and her husband designed and built on 80 acres. It was amazing to reconnect with all of my cousins and watch our kids pretend like they were us 20 years ago. It is great to relive vicariously through toddlers and kids. Kind of like a fast replay on life. Reminds me of the fun things I forgot that we came up the time 7 of us hid in the shower playing sardines and broke the shower rod that my uncle had just installed, only this set of kids broke the rope swing that was just installed.
 Josiah konked out on the swing after promising to stay awake for the rest of his life.

 This camel and I had a blast, I wanted a picture, he wanted a kiss. I was laughing hysterically trying to snap a shot before my lens was covered in slobber.
 Every time Jack stood by a new cage he saw a different animal across the pens.
 Those fingers do not belong to my son.

 Jonah's legs randomly kicked out of the mouth but I missed it every shot.

 Sincerely amazing percussion team
Baby Bubbles

 The herd played with the toys

He's the man

 The farm boy

Gage the good dog.

 Working under pressure
 The swing that broke eventually

Jon and I missed the finger memo

There, I feel better now having shared this with you. I will remember how relaxed and happy and full of memories this day was for a very long time. Oh yeah, it was also Cole's 5th birthday. Happy Birthday cute boy. :)

Thursday, October 6


 I don't know which has grown faster this month. My basil, or my son. Jack is struggling to stay trapped in the body of an 18 month old with little vocabulary when he really wants to do everything we do and have us understand him. We are seeing his personality open up more and see a little guy with a lot of determination, hard work ethic, a desire to be busy, helpful, and sometimes plagued with easy frustration. He is loving and playful, he is loud and sometimes strong willed. I am trying to figure out how to direct his personality to character development. I would like for him to learn to talk more soon. This little Jack is quite the kid.