Monday, August 23


Now that Jack barely fits lengthwise across his crib, he has begun the campaign for something a little roomier. This weekend he found his match in a king-sized crib. As hard as he tried, he couldn't stretch from corner to corner. He could roll over and not feel stunted by only having room for one turn. And there was even room for his teddy bear. :)

Sunday, August 22

here we go around and round

Well, good intentions thwarted. Today we got on the highway going the wrong way for about 45 minutes each way, which made our driving longer, our night later, and this blogger tirederer. So, no more posts but this - to bid you goodnight.

Pathetic isn't it?

So, I have done it once more. I took too many pictures in Canada and have too many memories to post and things went too full throttle ahead once we got home and too many things have happened upon us this month and well...I froze. No posts since we went to Canada. Pa-the-tic. So, I made some title such as - the silver anniversary, Chush comes to Call, etc.... and I will write those as I can. I am happy, oh so happy, to say that this weekend held some new adventures - my dear Brian and Alicia are now Mr. and Mrs. What a great thing. I am going to post a couple of those pictures today and then I'll work backwards before anything else happens upon us :)