Friday, July 29

Catch up on the visuals

I really have a lot I want to post about from the last month, but I fear if I start trying to catch up I will never write another post in my whole life. Really. So, I thought I would post a smattering of pictures from the last 4 weeks and try to start fresh from here out on actually blogging.

We do not have a "family bed" we have a "family house". Sleeping is suddenly fair game in any position, in any room, at any time of the day. We have beds properly installed in two rooms - one is ours, the other is home to two cribs that are supposed to house infants. No one works the graveyard shift so we should all be in the properly installed beds during the night hours. Right. Below are a few examples of where the snoozing really happens.
London. In my bed. On my side. Any time of the day, and the odd sleepover between 3 am and 6 am.
The emptied diaper box. Jack came up with this genius. And really, why can't you sleep anywhere as long as you have a soother and a blanket? He sat in this box for the better part of an hour just as happy as a clam.
The beginnings of cousin slumber parties. This one started when Jack's nap ended. Jack is actually in his real and proper bed in this picture. Kudos to him.
Jack tries out London's favorite sleep zone - the bouncer. Good news, Jack is actually still under the weight limit, so we don't have to discourage this adorability. Never mind the part of it hitting the floor when he wiggles.
London making a statement of how he feels about being swaddled, or dressed. He often falls asleep as soon as his diaper is changed, while still stretched out and free as a lark.
The primitive stages of bunkbeds. The stage where London claims the top level first and wins.
This cozy corner hides in Jon's office.
London makes a quick claim on Sarah's "guest bed" that was our couch. He wanted to homestead and make it permanent but Romeo informed him he already owns the couch.
London's self proclaimed mobile nursery. To be truthful, both boys did sleep in the nursery all night every night for the first week or so, but then London started having tummy issues and sleeps better in a sitting position, so now he has his own zzz zone.

Yesterday I fell asleep on the floor of our closet with London, we used a fuzzy blue robe as our blanket. We were trying to find a quiet corner to snooze amidst an external entrance being installed in our basement.

Jon sleeps great on his side of the bed, unless he falls asleep in the rocking chair in the nursery. Funny side story, the other night he fell asleep standing up in the hallway after opening our door but before opening the nursery door. He walked smack into the shut door when he woke a second later. It was loud. And hilarious.

Thursday, July 28

Not American

So...we lost London's social security card. We got it in the mail in record time, and Jon faithfully files all papers in the filing cabinet or in this case puts important ones in the fire proof strong box. However, I needed London's SS# just days after we received the card and we couldn't find it anywhere. It wasn't in London's file, the medical file, the strong box, the hospital file, the children file, the coupons file, the kitchen trash (but the envelope for it and lots of other gross stuff was!), between the couch cushions, or in the stack of mail on the counter. We turned the house, car, diaper bag, wallets, and purse upside down and inside out trying to find it. Then we gave up. We didn't have time to look anymore. I went into the nursery to change London's diaper, praying as I resnapped his onesie that God would help us find the card, and decided to empty the trashcan because it was starting to smell funny...I never empty the nursery trash, Jon does. But, this time there was a particularly bad diaper in it and I decided to just get it over with. But, instead of pulling the bag out I opted to carry the whole can to the garage and dump it in the trash barrel. Neither of us ever does that either. When I inverted the can, the bottom of the bag was visible in the barrel and I saw a magazine renewal paper through the plastic lining. We never throw anything but diapers and wipes into this can...maybe the odd price tag off of a new outfit, but not mail. So, I stuck my hand in through the bag and out came London's social security card. Wow. For a few hours there, I was afraid that London might not be legally American anymore. Disaster averted for the day, God is good.

Saturday, July 16

Stationery card

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Friday, July 1


London's left eye is a little over half open now! He came out with a nice bruiser and we have been waiting for it to fully open.
Please pardon me for a while as I step out of the blog. There is a lot to learn about keeping three boys. Here are some pictures to catch up the last wonderful, hard, fun week home.

Jack LOVES snuggling, touching, and making faces at London. The first time I changed his diaper at home he cried and Jack came running into the room to offer him the very pacifier in his mouth. Seeing him willingly offer up his most prized and protected possession really touched a soft spot in me. I think these boys will love each other and watch each other's backs.
It didn't take long to show London all the coolest spots in the house. The first stop was under his own crib.

Jack is thrilled with the water that came the same day as London. He'll go swimming even if he shivers the entire time!