Thursday, August 30

Canadian Jack

 Jack likes to take off to check out interesting things. He occasionally takes an adult with him if he feels any sense of foreboding, but if they are not necessary, he is just as happy tromping alone. I think someday he'll invite London to come, or at least expect him to keep up without being asked. 
 So, armed with Papa T's hat and clashing clothes, he conquered the wilds of Canada.

 Oh yeah, and the half eaten apple that somehow shows up when we arrive in August and doesn't disappear until we are nearly to the border going home.

 He thought about taking Molly along, but she thought about not going.

 My personal favorite picture of him this month. This face comes up often when he freezes mid-action. It shouts "I really hope she isn't going to tell me to come back or go to bed/bathroom/eat."

"Look, there in the bushes!"
"Only trouble there, boy."
Just for you, Kim.

Revel, Jack.

Wednesday, August 29

The quiet class clown

 London flops for his own enjoyment, and if you notice, he might come hug you in appreciation. He is slowly learning to screech, but he doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to when he lets it out. Strangely, Jack is usually the one to get in trouble when London screams. Poor oldest. 
 London can sit still. He is also a monkey, willing to climb on precarious ledges. He has a weak point though - he decides to sit down to reassess where he is, and often there is nothing to sit on where he tries. Otherwise, I'd say he has good balance. This is how he fell in the pool this summer. 
 His hair dried like this. It was really comical. He had no clue why I kept laughing at him.

 He is real enough to not need to look amazing in every picture.
 And if you haven't seen it before, this is his disarmingly innocent droopy eye look. His eye can't open wider than this. I love it for now, we are looking at surgery by the time he is three as the lid is deforming the shape of his eye. 

And he thinks that wrestling consists of rolling on top of someone and laughing. No sound effects, and no effort needed on your part. 

Behold, London.

Our private photobooth

 If we had a photobooth in our house, these two chums would climb into it often. Take a random prop like a small bowl of pretzels for two hungry boys, and you get a slow motion film of happiness.