Wednesday, April 11

Two for two!

 The internet went on the fritz with my laptop after the last post, so this second installment of Jack's birthday has been delayed much longer than I planned! Here we are! Two for two. Jack requested "e-meal" for breakfast. Our whole family calls oatmeal "e-meal" right now as Jack is making it the breakfast of choice.
 By the end of the day I think his education was complete of what all a birthday could entail. Opening presents was a hit. He has definitely caught on to the art :)

 A wooden rhythm pig and a starter set of train tracks started the morning

 Followed by an awesome ride-on back hoe and hard hat from Grandma and Bop

 Gifts from out of town family!

 (My new favorite book...)
 Then a bunch of friends came over to play in the sprinklers, on the swingset, and in the sandbox. We ate a cookout dinner, had a pinata, and a grand time with friends.

 Note to self - 2 year olds can't break a pinata.

 But their 8-year old cousins can. Thanks Riley!

 I love all of these pictures of the boys from the party. They are so full of personality. Energy made contained for a good 2 minutes while I snapped some pictures. 

Ok, they can all run and play again!

Jack makes a great two year old. He comes up with hilarious stories and can be so responsible and observant. I love it when he makes London laugh, free dances in the living room, helps set the table, and tells me stories of adventures we have had. I love being his mom.

Friday, April 6

Hidden surprises!

The mystery has been solved! Every flower on the peach tree DOES turn into a peach. I am hoping Jack will share at least one with me.

Thursday, April 5

Drenched by choice

Water baby London has never seen a liquid he didn't want to splash in. Jon and Jack share a the-water-must-be-over-80-degrees-if-I'm-expected-to-stay-in and London has my look-there-is-water reaction. So, when the sprinklers came out of storage at Jack's birthday party we set him down and watched him revel.

 Slowly a group gathered to look at the water.
 The lone ranger braves the big one

 Birthday boy gets into the action

London was a fan, Jack was a fan, the rest of the wet kids were fans...I'll post more birthday pictures later!