Monday, December 20

Patience Terminated

 I am a fearful person tonight. I am afraid I will not get through Thanksgiving before it is Christmas and you will never see these painfully cute pictures of our scraggly haired lad with the Christmas tree. So, I felt pretty good getting through our trip to Ontario, and now you may join our Christmas time. Forget the rest of turkey, decorating, family Christmas in Pratt, and our new engine. Behold, the little lamb.

 Please can we be done? (also interpreted - How long has that fan been there?)
 The shirt should have been tucked in, but he is a don juan for style, take it or leave it.
Casually eating decorations...

Sunday, December 19

The big eater

He likes his food to look like ours. Large chunks, full flavor.

The lost trip to Canada

I found it! After carefully digging a hole in my backyard about 8.7' x 11.3', I now know what I did in November. In an effort to catch up to present day (mainly because we took a really cute picture of Jack in front of the tree today and I want to post it) I am going to post a week at a time to get us caught up. This is the second week - we drove to Lindsay! It is lovely there. We took the trip really slowly on the way up and arrived rested and relaxed after seeing some beautiful scenery and having a good night's sleep. 
 Jack took a few minutes at the hotel to blog about the awesome Michigan rest stop. He really did love the swings there!
 One of the many driving breaks Jack gave Jon.
 Aunt Treen telling Jack some nonsense. Maybe to be nice to me? She likes to tell him that.
 Baseball hat = Bicycle helmet
 Trying out the new bike trailer from Uncle Stephen. It is awesome.
 Treen and I just before we decided that biking around the gate would take too long so we built a ramp and flipped over the gate like pros.

 The Ken Reid Conservation Area is so gorgeous
 Hannah and Jack hired story tellers for the day. Grandma and Papa both gave a good long run at it, and Great-Grandma was almost fired for refusing to share the book about sharing.

 Dad got a new toupee.
 Mom bundled baby up for some chilly walks, one he fell asleep on and parked outside for a bit.

 Jon needed to move the car...without waking the baby...without starting it...without help...we stood inside and laughed at him while he pushed he thought...
Steve got up to say goodbye. How cute. ;)

Saturday, December 11

Couserly love

Jack loves Josiah. It bodes well for future siblinghood for him. Josiah opens his eyes, Jack laughs at him, Josiah cries, Jack laughs at him, Josiah eats, Jack laughs at him, Josiah is close enough to touch, Jack laughs and takes advantage of the moment. This picture cracks me up, both the size difference and the expressions.

Tuesday, December 7


Hi! Does anyone know where I lost November? I think the last time I saw it was around the 16th, but I can't find it or the first week of December anywhere! As soon as I find it I will post some new pictures and stories. :( Thanks for any help you can offer!