Friday, November 8

Peek a Boo!

Peek-A-Boo! After several days inside because of cold rainy weather, London was more than ready to run off some steam and jump in leaves. This last week we have been playing a waiting game to decide if he had chickenpox or not. We went to the doctor and even he said "Maybe". After 7 days of new spots cropping up everyday, endless itching, and a wild amount of energy quarantined in our house, we had a blood test done and confirmed that he did NOT. Unfortunately, that leaves us scratching our heads over him scratching everywhere else. Praying for his skin to heal and the spots to go away. 


While Jack was sleeping we crashed in leaves waiting for him to wake up and play. Blake has been sick most of the week too with a different sort of bug. He and London get to play a lot. London has a great bedside manner, rushing to say "It's ok, Bwake" anytime he starts to cry. You can count on London to deliver blankets and soothers, and to take them away trying to make Blake laugh.

This picture is bright enough that you can't see the two spots in his ear, six on his face, or one on his neck. 

Bless you!