Friday, February 22

Want S'more?

Kansas Blizzard Activity #4
Make S'mores

 My parents love the memories and watching the boys discover simple, happy things.
Don't let go Blake, she might drop you.

 The boys' reactions were pretty funny. Jack wanted to make one for everyone he knew. London couldn't tame the stickiness and didn't even eat his. I didn't realize he objected to sticky.
 This lick was as far as he got. And I love the proper pinky.

 I wanted someone to bet with me over how long it would take for London's to be covered in soot and Jack's to light on fire. Too bad the two inevitables happened before anyone took me up on it.
 Sneezing. Who knew sooooooooo many children's books could have plots centered around sneezing. Jack thinks it is hilarious. My dad, "Bop," will read books over and over and over countless times in a row with Jack. Pretty special snuggle time.

Romping in a Winter Wonderland

Jon gazes out the window, casually snuggling 74 lbs of children and enjoying the snowy view.

Word to the single gals. If you plan on getting married and hope God blesses you with children, marry a strong man who is extremely greedy about holding as many children at once as possible. It makes it even more fun.

 Blake stays warm inside. He has no idea what he is missing.
 London tries to spoil his dinner.

 Jon and our neighbor's son dig a tunnel to their future igloo.
Jack reinacts one of his favorite stories and loses his mitten in the snow. Luckily, I found it before a bear, fox, hedgehog, bunny, mouse etc moved in.

I went out for a while to play, had a great snowball fight with Jon, watched him leap and dive into piles of snow, tried to get our neighbor to come play with me, made a snow angel, flew up from the ground when snow made its way up my coat and onto my skin, and cleared off our car. No pictures of course, I like you to use your imagination.
This is our new van by the way. Pretty, eh? Some reports say we got 11 inches total yesterday.
Enjoy your wintery day! Hope you have snow too.

Thursday, February 21

Anybody need a chuckle?

Go ahead an laugh. You know you need to. God wants you to enjoy the little things in life. Eat some snow, take a nap, and share with a friend. :)

Of Blizzards, Blankets, and Boys

Since 6 am it has snowed about 6 inches. That is over an inch an hour. It is glorious, beautiful, fresh, cold, and thundering. I think snow and thunder may be my new favorite weather. 

A day like today begs for a fire and staying in pajamas. So, we are following proper blizzard protocol. All are in pjs, fire is roaring, and I might make soft pretzels for lunch. 

The blanket brigade started with one blanket each to wrap up in, and ended up in a pile worthy of dog-piling.

I think we could do this every day. Maybe we should move to Canada afterall.