Tuesday, July 2

All in a weekend's play

We caught my nieces. I haven't seen them since London was Blake's age! 
 Harmony stayed the week with us..
 My Aunt organized a stellar family reunion of my mom's siblings and their kids and grandkids. It was so fun! 30 adults, 21 kids. Fishing, paddleboating, swimming, eating, and a 3 hour power outage.
 Uncle Slim fished alone for a while until he caught a fish, and then the dock was loaded with hopeful fishers.

My sweet Sara
 Gentle Hannah
Tom Sawyer

 Sparkly Corrie
 My cousin Stacy. She used to give me huge slobbery kisses when I was Jack's age. Scarred me for life. However, she also let me sit in her room (She is something like 11 years older than me) and watch her do her hair and play with her garfield collection. That made the kisses worth it, and made me love her for life.
 Emma the amazing helps Corrie get the 2nd caught fish of the weekend out of the water.
 Take my picture, please?

 Blake got to meet Uncle Steve!
 My mom ran a long paddle boat tour with a boat load of kids. I am not supposed to tell you the story of her sitting in the lake.
 Alicia the wispy willow

Missing some important pieces, but we loved having 7 of my nieces and nephews together!

 Monday my grandparents came to visit. It was a perfect mild weekend for visiting outside and watching the kids play.

 Jack, Grandpa Ganzer, Blake, London, Grandma Ganzer

 Don't mind the Garden of Weeden. We are working on taming it again. 

 Typical Jack, reading on his bed with an apple and a big game of pirates in the works. (Side note, I found that awesome pirate ship at a garage sale for $2.50. After getting home I looked it up and found out it sells for over $80 in stores! Score one for Friday morning garage sales!)
 London was really excited when I found this horse from my childhood. I thought he would play with it, but he took it to a whole new level when he immediately tried to ride it!
 He likes to follow me around the house like this and if I ever stop long enough for him to catch me, his horse takes a dramatic bite out of my leg.