Saturday, August 31

Dear Nona,

Thank you for the Maple Syrup lollipops. Mama loved hers, she thinks maple syrup hard candy was a brilliant discovery. Jack loved his and tried hard not to bite it. Daddy loved his and ended up eating the other half of mine after he got it out of my hair and rinsed in hot water. Nona, I really don't know how it got up there. I was enjoying it a lot, and then WHAMMO! it was attached to my head. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so I did both. Thank you for the lollipop. It was yummy.


Sunday, August 25

Friday, August 16

Creme Sodas

 Blake thinks he got one.

 New York style creme sodas. Nona's happy childhood memory shared with us this hot July day.

 London is a weird little monkey. He quietly crept up the back of Jon's chair while we were talking.