Thursday, January 28

Flowers, free shopping spree, and family

Today marks our 11 month anniversary. It doesn't seem like time can really mark how long you have been married. It just makes sense that this is how it should be for the rest of my life. Jon had an early morning meeting today and I left before he returned to go to a grand opening of a new maternity store nearby. Mom and Kim went with me to brave the wave of people because we were enticed with a promise of a gift card to the first 50 people to arrive. We drew our lots from a basket of gift cards and ended up with $135 to spend that day to celebrate their grand opening. It was so much fun! Kim found a great baby sling that is really comfortable and we all watched carefully as the clerk taught us how to put it on. Another find that was an incredible blessing was a black dress to wear as a bridesmaid for Christy's wedding in a couple of weeks. I have been wondering where I would find one that I could afford after waiting so long to see what size it would need to be! God is so good. He is also a great finder of bargains to provide one for free. We found a few other things that I am happy to say fit in our gift card balance, and enjoyed every minute of the shopping spree!

When I got home Jon was waiting with a bouquet of flowers and a miniature orchid. I think he would make every day an anniversary or birthday or valentine's day if he could.
They are beautiful! I don't deserve it.

Wednesday, January 27

sometimes the simplest thing (using a spoon) can become so complicated.

Sunday, January 24

Simple beginnings

To learn and laugh with the Taylors in Kansas...
Well, we'll learn, you'll laugh.
This will be a pocket-sized adventure book, with all the condensing of a Reader's Digest article.
We hope this will help us feel more in touch - passing on the details that make life memorable.

Amy pretends to know what she is doing at the sewing machine (go ahead an laugh at that.)

My mom actually does know, she is almost done with the sheet and bumper pad here.
Kim just finished the bed skirt, and is making matching curtains now.Painting and listening to the Lion, the Witch, and the WardrobeAgain, imagining myself strong enough to move this.Jon's next dream job is working for the Merry Maids. The new carpet is really soft and beautiful!The first piece of furniture makes its way into the nursery
This is an up close of the textured paint Jon put on the walls. In most of the pictures it looks like a really bad sponge painting job, but it is actually a shimmery effect you can only see in certain light. I think the flash is to blame for the weird look.Jon showing off his slim trim muscles, and me not even trying. ;)