Sunday, June 30

Slow Down

 Our life is flying as summers are wont to do. My boy is big. His eyes are shiny. Slow down.
 I have blogs perking of a family reunion, Jon's birthday, Father's Day, my nieces coming to visit, my grandparent's coming to visit, my parent's 40th wedding anniversary, London's birthday, a gorgeous sunset, our new turtle, our new scooter, and a gen-you-wine pirate sword fight. Do you think I will get these written before the fourth of July, Stephen coming, Jon's parent's coming, leading a week long mission's trip to our city, dedicating Blake, our Kiwi's coming, bridesmaiding my dear friend's wedding, and a trip to Canada? Maybe. Maybe not. But now at least you know what we are up to.
 Not much. Just watching our boys grow.
 And loving their eyes.
 And their smiles.

Thursday, June 13

Dropped off the earth, landed at last

Good news. London finally caught us up on our laundry today. We are officially over jet-lag.