Monday, February 27

Some things I wouldn't mind our kids copying

Chances are, if you speak in our house, you will notice a very sweet echo repeating your final words back to you. The echo sounds a lot like Jack. He will tackle up to 4 syllable words and just repeat whatever he hears. I wouldn't mind if he decided to copy us in a couple of other ways. As a parent I often think about how to avoid passing on my faults and fears to my kids. Today, I am just going to dream about them having similar interests and passions. It would be awesome. For example...
I'd be totally cool with every child I ever birth learning to play the cello.
And, if they must play a sport that I have to watch tournament after tournament of, how about fencing?
I understand fencing well enough to know that turning his back will get him a penalty card. I could definitely handle watching bout after bout of foil.
Or the dedication to eat whatever they are served (with a front loader as a spoon.)
Or the creativity to make life fun.

Thursday, February 16

Wednesday, February 1

the picture that I liked

 This is the picture that I liked. I like how still London is. He lets me rest while I spend time with him.

 Jon is always a good sport about being my light testing model. This is a recent gem of one such picture.

 My Kate. I love my sister. She is also my best friend.