Saturday, February 27

Confession, I love feedback on posts so I know when you have seen the blog :) If I know you have seen a post then I am more motivated to put a new one up...

Family Photos

It is wise to have a photographer for a sister. :)
Kim ran a grand round of shots to bring to you
our tiny family pictures. Enjoy!

Friday, February 26

Da new wheels

A new car! We really are happy with our new car, and Jon grabbed a couple of shots to share with you. It is comfortable enough to head to Canada once the baby gets a passport. :)

I think the last two pictures make it look a lot chunkier than it really is. :)

Tuesday, February 16

We had a fabulous moving crew show up at our apartment around 9:45 on Saturday morning. They came ready to brave a nippy day and three flights of stairs each way to empty our place of its treasures. They made fast work of it with 2 trips and almost everything moved by 12:30. It now resides in the living room. :) Updates on progress will be forthcoming.

My favorite story of moving day was Rachel confessing before she left that she needed to tell me where she had packed something. It went like this - "I took down the rings for the shower curtain, wrapped them in a plastic bag, put that inside of a sparkly red basket on a shelf in the living room, and then put that in a box, which I marked "shiny kitchen stuff." I just realized you might not think to look there." Pretty classic if you ask me!

As of today almost the whole kitchen is unpacked. 3 lonely boxes are sitting by the front window waiting for me to tackle them.

Last night we made the yummiest pizza in history and watched the awards ceremony for Canada's first home-turf gold medal. Pretty cool! I was rooting for Canada to win the snowboard finals too, but it was an awesome race and America snagged it!

Today we have good news club at Merriam Elementary. Jon is wrapping up our series on Joseph by telling the last story that reunites their family and I am planning a small group object lesson demonstrating forgiveness with cookies loaded with baking soda. (I hope they will forgive me in the end!)

I will try to get more pictures of our new car up pretty soon, we really like it! Unfortunately it got really dirty with slushy roads the day after we got it, and I am embarrassed to publish it to the world in such a sad state ;)