Monday, October 21

Shake, shake the apple tree

 We love apples. Someday you could do Where's the Apple on our blog and count how many pictures are posted of my three little ones eating apples. It could be in the hundreds. Let me know if you ever have time to do this and I will invite you over to wash my dishes instead. 

 I love my parents so much. They add so much love and laughter to our lives. 
 His other hand is holding an apple.
 A Blake sized apple
 Our typical family picture. 
 My Grandpa Carl always jokes about buying a lifetime wardrobe of Mizzou clothing for our children. He has more self control than that though.

 Our sweet friend Sarah Beth came with us AND stayed to help me process all of them into applesauce! 

 Naptime at the hitching post. We waited for the hay ride for a good bit and playtime quickly took over. 

 I spy a tummy!

 The biggest, most beautifulest apple contest. Rules and name created by Jack.

What a harvest! I love fall!