Friday, November 2

A Stop Motion Film

 Presenting a Stop Motion Film:
London in Britches, Falling Down Leaves

 "Booooom!" (This photo takes my current "top-liked" picture on facebook award. Apparently it made many people smile.)

 Now posing for my rather mature looking screen poster.

and I just can't stop lovin' this boy.

Taylor Family Leaf (re)Moval Business

 We don't promise to lessen the number of leaves in your yard, we don't promise to take them with us when we finish the job, we don't promise not to spread them all out again after raking and raking, but we do promise to have a lot of fun moving them around.

Thursday, November 1

Jon is nesting.

 Somehow he still feels like he needs to practice multitasking with a baby...
 But, he should know better than to think I am going to let him sit around and hold the new baby...he has two boys waiting for an elephant ride.