Tuesday, November 16

The hair dresser and her dog

Today I did something brave. My friend Katrina (conveniently related) and other friend Kristine (who you would think related by the names she is called) took me to the capable hands of their hair dresser. I was nervous and excited. Of all the wonderful people we have seen this weekend while in Canada, I post a picture of me. I hate pictures of me as a general rule, but you have a right to see the fabulous hair cut the nice lady Jess gave me. She was a lot of fun, and successful at her task. 

Yes, I look tired because I am at this picture's taken point. Please don't comment on that fact :) It won't fix my missed nap today. I missed it to experience a flat tire and hot cocoa.
This used to be Clancy. Well, it still is technically. It turns out that the hair dresser's dog is also an avid top trimmer. A visiting toddler took it upon herself to take Clancy to the capable teeth of the pup and as a result we got a buy one get one free haircut! Talk about a great deal!

Thursday, November 11

On the road again!

 Give a shout for good weather to enjoy rest stops!

The yellow color is from the sun setting. It was a gorgeous sky!

Watch out Canada! Jack is on his way! The chauffer team should have him up there sometime tomorrow. We discovered our favorite route yet this trip, and we give 10 stars to the Michigan welcome center - an amazing playground! Jon travelled pretty well, no major meltdowns, Amy called all of the stops (every hour or so...), and Jack managed to maintain his composure throughout several sudden realizations that he would really rather be out of his carseat at the moment.

Wednesday, November 3

New addition to the kitchen

Grandma and Papa T recently sent Jack a highchair. He loves it. It spins around so it can face any direction from the table, he really loves looking out the front window in it. He is doing much better eating cereal, most of it goes down to his tummy now. No more spitting!

Do-si-do your partner

 In a last minute decision to go to the International Student Square Dance we found a pony costume in a bag of clothes someone gave us, and it even fit Jack!
 Jon and I went as his handlers.
 Caden and Corinne went with us too. Caden was a football player and Corinne wore the mouse costume my mom made for me when I was 4. I love our dress up box :) The best part was when Corinne ran away from Caden and he grabbed her tail to catch her. He brought me the tail laughing really hard.
Jack was so sleepy but would not go to sleep. Too much to watch!