Friday, August 12

Rare event

Last week I shared my camera with a little girl at our backyard Bible club. In a shocking turn of events, I ended up with a picture of me holding London that I really like. I simply do not like pictures of me, but I always wish I had one I liked. Thank you, Lexi, for this shot. And for the 600 other pictures you took for me that will help me remember that 30 minutes of club for the rest of my life.

P.S. To those of you who may be politely silently wondering - Yes, London's left eye is half closed in every picture because that is how it is in real life. The doctor says it should open completely by the time he is one. Here's to hoping! At least he isn't a pirate anymore...half open is an improvement.

Never alone

London is not a loner. Please hold him. Sir Sqwishy is living up to his nickname and is also called chumbo, chubbo, cheeks, and sugar lump. You might gather that he eats a lot. I have never seen rolls in places that London has them, it is rather absurd. He keeps trim arms and calves, so the casual onlooker may be fooled, but pick him up or get him dressed and you will both see and know that he packs it in! He has a second born complex of never wanting to be alone. Not in a room, not in the car, not anywhere that someone could be talking to him, touching him, or holding him. When he gets tired it is like he knows the inevitable is coming, he will fall asleep soon and then he will be put down, so he gears up and wails a protest. The louder and sharper his tired wail is, the faster he will fall asleep. Never go down silent, that is his motto.

Thursday, August 11

Beautiful Boy

Jack has hilarious moments of looking serenely occupied. He may be turning every page in Jon's Bible while sitting in the office chair, or meticulously stacking pieces of junk mail to carefully move from the coffee table to the kitchen table, or staring out the window leaning on the sill to watch a bird wheel in the sky, or sitting in the papisan with my old cell phone pressed to his ear listening to Andrew Peterson sing about Moses obeying God. My favorite part is that "catching" him in these moments doesn't usually shatter them, he is very comfortable with being "caught" just being Jack.

Friday, August 5

Good things come in little packages...

unless they are used diapers.

I am thinking of potty training Jack and teaching him to change London. That would make my days much less crowded. :)

P.S. I love Jack's farmer's tan.