Tuesday, July 27

The Silver Anniversary

One main event that highlighted this visit to Canada was the Taylor's 25th anniversary. It was a grand time planning the party with Katrina and Stephen and getting things ready for guests to arrive. 
Saturday morning Katrina and I prevailed in the vote to have Mom unpack her wedding dress. She modeled it for our enjoyment and then some sort of bug bit her. It must have been contagious because the next thing we knew Dad had a suit and bowtie on, they were taking normal pictures that grew sillier and sillier as a goat, baby, and dog were added...and THEN they up and played runaway bride as they ambled off down their country lane with dog and baby in tow - to visit their neighbors and wave at passing cars. It was like watching a childlike spell fall over them as they played dress up for a morning. I loved watching them enjoy it together. I hope to still be able to get caught up in the joy of moments like these when I have been married 25 years.

Meanwhile, in back of the house, Stephen and Jon went to town setting up the yard for the open house. I'll admit I worried at first when I heard them shouting orders to an invisible set up crew...but they did eventually get it all done. I'm not sure if it was with or without help!

This was our brilliant tarp/tent brainchild. After nearly severing the gutter from the roof while trying to secure it in the heavy wind, Dad finally announced that it wouldn't rain if they didn't set it up. That was reassuring. ;)
Nana and Papa came early to help with food. Their sandwich scrappings became my breakfast :)
Aunt Ferne was a fast favorite. Good thing, because she was determined to keep him!
Stephen calls this our "awkward couples pose"
Most of the pictures can speak for themselves. I feel the pressure of starting the next post building up on me :) This day was full of tons of memories that I will always love. So many people that I have tucked into my heart in Canada, and we were glad that many of them could come celebrate with us. 25 years of being married is such a beautiful thing. Having been married only a year and a half it leaves me feeling like I have a lot to look forward to if God will let us both live that long.

Monday, July 26

And Abroad...

Jack learned how to over pack last week. He did an admirable job of asking for just one more outfit...
Jack texted everyone from the plane as soon as we landed to let them know that he made it. He did really well with the whole flight!
Papa T and Jack rekindle their friendship
Grandma walks the baby to sleep every chance she gets.
Jon and Dad work from the home office
Stephen lets me pick on him. He's a good little brother. Treen and I are missing because we were plotting for the Anniversary Party while these pictures were taken. :)

Sunday, July 25

At Home...

Before leaving Kansas, we had a really sweet week at home.
 Snuggle time with my happy boy. He is getting so long!
His favorite discovery is that arms are yummy. He is thinking about starting a freckle removing service in the future...
He loves to look at pictures in books, as long as the story isn't too wordy :)
And Jack is starting to help out around the house in any ways he can. He also helped me mop the kitchen floor earlier this day!

Wednesday, July 14

Jack had an exhausting day of discovery yesterday. He got a new floor play mat, tried out the johnny-jumper for the first time, and found his toes while taking his bath. 
He really likes the bug that plays music when you pull on it.
He spends most of his time either laying down kicking or standing up on our laps. So, we decided to try the johnny-jumper. He loves it!
We are all super happy that Jon is able to work from home so he doesn't miss any of this early time watching Jack grow. 

Tuesday, July 13

Alicia, you sent them in time! Jack's new pajamas arrived by post man. They fit really adorably. :)

Jon Taylor makes me smile.

Last night I discovered the funny smell in my kitchen was a bunch of bananas that were ready to be made into banana bread. After making it, and slicing it to eat I found Jon buzzing around it with a camera. I asked him what he was doing, and this was his response - "Well, you really like to make recipes that have pictures next to them that look yummy. This bread is really really good, so I am going to take a picture of it so you'll see it on your computer sometime and want to make it again."
Apparently he thinks I am that predictable. Oh sweet husband mine, maybe when I see this picture I'll remember that Jack needs a bath, because I gave him one the same day as the last time I made this.
What if he starts making a picture catalog of all of the foods he likes though...that could be handy for planning dinners in the future!

Friday, July 9

We caught a photographer!

We managed to bribe my dad into taking a picture of all of us together yesterday. :)

Happy Days

When people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I can't remember ever wanting to be anything but a mom. My mom had such a good time doing it and seemed happiest when with her family, and I wanted that too. Now I am a mom. It is as good as I ever imagined. It's probably even better than I imagined.

Thursday, July 8

Puddle Jumping and other activities for a rainy day

This weekend we went and picked up Caden, Rafe, and Corinne to spend some time together. We had fun ideas that virtually all got rained out. We decided to swim between downpours because nobody cares if you get wet in your swimming suit. Jon taught them how to play 4-square and we had spaghetti every night. :) Ah the fun of having munchkins to borrow.

Corrine was convinced she could change Jack's diaper without help
Rafe always asked to hold him just when it was time for him to eat
Caden likes to explain his facial expressions and what he is really thinking
Jack was thoroughly entertained for four days