Tuesday, March 29

Dear Mom and Dad,

Dear Mom and Dad,
      Thanks for the uncle. He is the coolest toy you have ever given to me. 

I like it when he lets me do whatever he is doing.
 And I like it when he pretends like my toys are really cool.
 He says if I listen really closely to what he says, I'll be done with Highschool before Easter and I won't even have to stop playing at the end of Summer to do math!
 This makes me want to sit on his lap and listen all the time.
 One more thing. I haven't even heard Dad make a noise like this Uncle does. It is loud and you get to suck on something shiny at the same time!

      I know this week is my birthday, and you wanted me to have a fun one to mark turning a year old. I just wanted to say that getting me an Uncle was a really good idea. I pretty much like every single thing he does.

Monday, March 14

Our nightly entertainment

About 15 minutes or so before Jack goes to bed each night (around 7:00) he usually gets a second wind that blows through our house at full force. Jon and I like to think of it as our own private comedy act. He does tumbles, silly faces, goofy noises, dances, rolls around on the floor, haphazardly flings socks into the air, chases Jon, and generally acts hyper in any way he can think to be. It is great. 2 nights ago it was with 3 clean forks from the dishwasher...Enjoy a sneak peek.

My boys...

I decided to collect cute boys. I found this one about 3 years ago and officially acquired him just over 2 years ago for my permanent collection. He is my favorite. He is also really nice to me. I call him Jon. We will also consider him Boy #1.

What is good once must be good twice, so we added another cute boy to our collection and call him Jack. We acquired him just less than a year ago for our mostly permanent collection, but eventually we expect him to be on tour too.
And so we have Boy #2.
Things seem to be going well with the first two, so we will expand our boy collection to include Boy #3 in June. I hope he is cute so we can keep him. I like him already. (He is about half done in this picture...I think I'm about 23 weeks here.)

Wednesday, March 2

Email Bug

We are normally a pretty healthy household. I suffer from a couple of colds a year, random pregnancy symptoms, occasional headaches. This year Jon and I both hosted a vicious stomach flu bug just before Christmas, but that was pretty unusual. Jack has had a couple of diaper rashes, one sniffly nose/cold. However strong our immune systems are though, we can't fight off internet viruses. My gmail is one of the (probably modestly estimated) 150,000 that was accidentally deleted this weekend. I am surprised at how little I need the computer when I can't check, write, receive, or delete emails. I look forward to the regular post coming each day a lot more :) I don't know how long it will take for Google to correct whatever bug is chewing through their internal systems, but I'd like to offer some vitamin C. Should I sprinkle opened capsules over my keyboard? How about soaking the wireless card in a glass of emergenC? I want to help make it feel better! My sympathies go out to people who do more than house hunting and personal emails on their account that is currently locked down. It must be really something to have it happen to a business account! Anyhow...if you try to email me, I won't get it. Bon Voyage!